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Sneaker addict white leather for women

€ 275,00

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We present the Sneaker Addict, an exclusive model with a contemporary design. This shoe, primarily white in color, fits perfectly with a casual yet refined look. The product is made of high-quality leather, ensuring superior durability compared to standard models.

The secondary color of this sneaker is also white, guaranteeing a monochrome look that never goes out of style. The result is a versatile and stylish shoe, suitable for any outfit.

The well-finished details and the care in the choice of materials make this sneaker a high-end product. Despite its clean lines, the Sneaker Addict stands out for its decisive and captivating character.

Wearing the Sneaker Addict means choosing comfort without sacrificing style. This model is perfect for the modern woman who does not want to make concessions when it comes to style and practicality.

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"Sneaker Addict White Leather for Women"