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Japanese sun t-shirt white for men

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We reveal the enchanting characteristic of this elegant Edwin T-shirt in white, Lil' Yeye, part of the new men's collection. A classic cut garment, designed for the modern man who values his figure without sacrificing comfort and style.

Product name: Japanese Sun Edwin t-shirt. This unique piece is a perfect mix of practicality and refinement, embellished by the presence of an extraordinary Japanese sun design. For those men who do not link the uniqueness of their style to daily constraints, but rather embody it as a daily expression of themselves.

Fit and Size: The size of the Edwin t-shirt is Universal Cut, perfectly suits all body types. The fit is comfortable and allows maximum freedom of movement, without limiting in any way the daily activities of the man who wears it.

Color: White. A classic and versatile color, perfect to be combined with a wide range of clothing. A neutral tone that enhances the figure without ever overwhelming it.

  • Material: This shirt is made of 100% pure cotton, known for its incredible comfort and longevity. Skin-friendly, cotton is able to guarantee breathability, quick drying, and fogging resistance; essential qualities for those who make their clothes a statement of their being.
  • Design: The unquestioned triumph that characterizes this t-shirt is given by the emblematic design of the Japanese sun on the front panel. A powerful symbol rich in meaning that gives this garment a special depth.

In our ecommerce, you will find this fascinating Edwin t-shirt along with a range of other carefully selected clothing items. We care a lot about our assortment and the quality of our products because we know how important it is for you to have high quality clothes.

Choose this extraordinary garment, it combines comfort and style in a wonderful mix of practicality and elegance. The Edwin Japanese Sun White T-Shirt for Men is a bold statement of individuality and unique style.


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Japanese Sun T-Shirt White for Men edwin


Japanese Sun T-Shirt White for Men