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With its refined and contemporary charm, the collection of men's bags and backpacks available on Penelope47 are the ideal accessory to complete any outfit. Within our collection, you will find high-quality bags and backpacks, made with durable materials and top-level tailoring finishes, perfect for the modern man who appreciates fashion and style.

Penelope47 is an established multibrand ecommerce, which aims to offer cutting-edge products without forgetting the importance of quality and the story behind each individual garment. We approach fashion from a unique perspective, mixing different styles to create versatile looks that adapt to all occasions.

Our Men's Bags

Our men's bags are designed with the active and dynamic man in mind. Spacious but elegant, these accessories are great for carrying everything you need during a day out. In addition, the use of high-quality materials such as leather and canvas guarantee the durability of the product.

Penelope47's Men's Backpacks

The men's backpacks in our collection are the perfect accessory for those looking for comfort without compromising on style. Ideal for weekends away or business trips, Penelope47 backpacks are spacious, resilient and full of functional pockets.

Discover the Quality of Selected Brands

Whether you're looking for a work bag or a backpack for leisure, on Penelope47 you will only find the best brands. Each product in our collection has been carefully selected to guarantee you the best of design, functionality and practicality.

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By buying from us, you become part of a community that stands out for its style and love for fashion. Your look will reflect your personality and your style, thanks to the variety of styles and trends we offer. We hope you can find the accessory that suits you in our collection of men's bags and backpacks.

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