Men's ties and bowties

Discover the collection of men's ties and bowties on Penelope47

Penelope47 is pleased to present its fascinating selection of men's ties and bowties. A wide collection that combines different styles in a unique, unmissable online shopping experience.

Are you looking for an accessory able to express your personality and infuse elegance in your look? Among our products you will surely find what suits you. And, thanks to the variety that distinguishes our collection, you can rely on an infinity of options for every occasion.

Ties and bowties: details that make a difference

We like to think that our collection can become a real fashion library, where to find the perfect tie for a business meeting or a dinner-date, or a bowtie suitable for a black tie event.

Our selection includes cutting-edge brands and brands known for their long tradition, but always careful not to lose sight of the quality and research that each product encompasses. A perfect synergy between tradition and innovation.

From classic to modern, a proposal for every taste

Each model of our collection is designed to reflect different styles and identities: from the modern gentleman to the retro dandy, from the businessman to the eclectic creative. Penelope47 ties and bowties are the indispensable accessory to complete your look with an unmistakable touch of style.

Choose the model that best represents your style: opt for a silk tie for a classic and refined look, or dare with a velvet bowtie for a bolder and contemporary outfit.

  • Ties: a timeless classic, available in an infinity of colors, patterns and fabrics. A real must-have of the male wardrobe.
  • Bowties: a dandy detail that never goes out of fashion. Perfect for special occasions or to stand out from the crowd.

Explore our collection of men's ties and bowties and let yourself be guided by the passion for fashion that has always characterized Penelope47.