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Parka long cannich wax black women

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The Parka Long Cannich Wax by Barbour is an essential garment for the winter season, combining functionality and elegance in a unique stunning design. Available in an intense and deep black, it is a high-quality clothing item designed specifically for the dynamic and fashionable woman.

Made of 100% cotton with a waxed lamination, the robust but refined design of this parka faithfully reflects the spirit of the Barbour brand. The waxed construction allows the garment to withstand various weather conditions, keeping the body warm and dry. It is enriched by a removable hood that offers extra protection on rainy and windy days.

The unique design of the Parka Long Cannich Wax is enriched by a series of details that elevate the aesthetic level of the garment. The extended length gives an elegant and sophisticated look, while the belt at the waist allows to adjust the fit according to personal preferences. This ensures that every woman can feel comfortable wearing this garment, whether on long winter walks or during an evening out.

  • Outer fabric: 100% waxed cotton
  • Lining: 100% Polyamide
  • Removable hood: Offers extra protection on bad weather days
  • Waist belt: Adjustable, allows customization of the fit
  • Warm pockets: Positioned on the sides, these pockets offer a useful space to store small items

The Parka Long Cannich Wax highlights Barbour's dedication to producing high-quality clothing that combines utility and style. Hard to find, this is an essential element of every woman's winter wardrobe. It not only keeps warm and dry, but also guarantees to stand out any outfit with its elegant black design.

Barbour clothing speaks clear: vitality, adventure, and timeless style. If you also recognize yourself in these values and want a piece of clothing that fits your daily adventures while maintaining a fashionable look, choose the Parka Long Cannich Wax. Enjoy a timeless style and the comfort of a garment made to last.

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Parka Long Cannich Wax Black Women barbour


Parka Long Cannich Wax Black Women